Leftist Whines...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I find it so highly amusing, while perusing the blogs, how the leftist libtards are positively in a tizzy over how their 'hope and change' candidate has been neither since he became President-Elect. All I can say is, in between laughing and pointing fingers at them, is...SUCKERS!

You on the left fell for a candidate that used charm, slick marketing, and empty phrases, such as 'Yes, We Can!' to lure you in, and you blindly followed, no questions asked...and yet you have, over the past eight years, have labeled us conservatives as Nazis, Fascists, Right Wing Nutjobs, etc., with the glee of a fat girl eating her birthday cake. Who does blindly following a politician with great rhetoric remind you of?

I have no sympathy for your plight, such as it is. You allowed yourself to be sucked into the hype, believing that Obama would bring you to the promised land, but you placed your hope in a false God delivering promises that will not come to fruition...you get what you deserved.

For all your proclamations of being the enlightened people, you are in all actuality, naive. By voting for an empty suit, your collective enlightened asses got handed back to you by a politician by smarter then yourselves.

And I sit back, laugh, and point...


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