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Monday, March 2, 2009

writing about in my previous column. David Frum writes a highly disparaging and sarcastic article about Rush Limbaugh, complete with a comparison view of Obama that is sycophantic, nauseating, and unabashedly glowing, written in a language usually reserved by high school girls discussing their love of the week in their diaries.

So, here we are folks, another Yale and Harvard educated 'elite' telling us what we should think. I care not about what books Mr. Frum has written, the positions he has held, his Ivy League degrees, or the accolades he has received as an author, what I am concerned about is his patronizing attitude towards conservatives.

Mr. Frum, contrary to your desire. Rush Limbaugh is not Jesse Jackson. Unlike Jesse Jackson, Rush Limbaugh does not go about the country proclaiming racism at the drop of a hat when none exists. Unlike Jesse Jackson, Rush Limbaugh does not perform shakedown tactics with companies he thinks do not hire enough minorities.

Mr. Frum, your article is embarrassing on its surface, and disingenuous in its hypothesis. The next time you want to disparage Rush Limbaugh, and by extension, conservatives, might I suggest you try a different person on the left to compare Rush Limbaugh just might bolster your argument...that is, if you had one in the first place.


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