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Friday, March 27, 2009

here boss about what is going on with my Country, but with each and every day, it gets harder and harder to do so.

I see my Country lurching towards the left at break neck speed, with the leftist libtards cheering this on as 'progress'; I see a great majority of Americans acting like bobble heads, and I see the rest of us, patriotic Americans getting frustrated and angrier at those in Washington that claim to represent us , sitting on the sidelines, claiming to be in opposition, but continually vote for laws, bailouts and regulations that are directly in contrast to what the principles of conservatism are.

And I am pissed, as in Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" pissed off, because it seems nobody, outside of my conservative friends and acquaintances, really care what is happening to this great Nation...they just want their pitiful government handouts, not realizing either through pure stupidity or just plain ignorance, that nothing in this life is free, especially when the government hands it out. Everything has a price.

I see this government raising taxes on tobacco 158% to fund SCHIP, another ill fated boon doggle that already has expanded far beyond its' original scope, and yet I hear virtually nothing about this being a targeted and confiscatory tax, because this government has deemed people who use tobacco products as evil and socially unacceptable, but the government does dearly love the taxes the obtain from us. A word of warning for the anti-tobacco crowd...the government ain't gonna stop with are next, in some way, shape or form. Once the government sees a revenue generating product, they go after it like a shark to a bleeding baby seal...mark my words.

I am pissed that some unknown, unseen bureaucrat can drive by my house, take a few pictures (if that), and then decide that my property value has risen $5,000.00, and then have the audacity to advise me that I can protest this by calling a certain phone number that nobody answers due to 'a high volume of calls we are experiencing' each and every time I call, but yet says I have to contact them by phone before a certain date. I am pissed because I sent these very same petty bureaucrats an email, stating that I could not get through to them via telephone, so I am sending my protest via email, and never get a response from them.

I am sick and tired of hearing politicians, federal, state, or local, claiming how they are going to 'create jobs' and 'lower taxes' if report office do not 'create' jobs in the sense that the private sector create more governmental bureaucracy jobs, thus increasing the size and scope of government. Thanks, but no thanks. Regarding your claim to fame about 'lowering taxes'...I have yet to see may get lowered in one area, but ultimately gets raised in other areas, to feed the insatiable beast known as 'government.'

I am pissed when I have to pay regulatory fees and other 'fees' on my utility/cable bills...what the fuck are these fees for, and why do I have to pay them? Nobody from the utility/cable company has ever been able to explain that to me.

Why is it, that even though I have not had a child in school for the past 10+ years, as a property owner, I am required to pay school taxes, but yet a family with 3 school age kids living in an apartment are not required to pay the same tax? Why not make it school age kids in the age kids in the home, pay the tax, renters notwithstanding? Makes sense to me.

I could go on and on with my rants, kind readers, but I know I am preaching to the choir...I just wish that 'our' elected officials would fucking listen and really 'pay' attention to our grievances...

I am just really pissed.


gregor March 29, 2009 at 7:04 AM  

you ain't seen nuthin' yet, pal. wait till the hordes of uniformed apes start harassing you the street and pounding on your door, demanding your service or claiming your property in the name of Teh One...

the Kenyan wetback squatter in the White House is too stupid to realize he's driving this country into Civil War 2.0 and ain't he gonna be surprised when he finds out the military is on the side of the people and not part of his cult.

Gothguy March 29, 2009 at 6:08 PM  

I hear ya Gregor! I thank God people like you are on the right side.

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